L.Tramier & Fils

A history of family and sucession

Created in 1842 in the heart of Burgundy in Mercurey, the wine-house L. Tramier & Fils is the result of generations of enthusiasts, progressively accumulating prestigious vineyards and certain appellations which resonate strongly with wine lovers.

The strategy and development of the L. Tramier & Fils range reflects the wish to not just buy names but primarily to connect with the quality of the Burgundy vineyards.

The importance is to have wines with personality where the terroirs and grape varieties express themselves at their best in order to create exciting moments during tastings.

The pleasure of curiosity

Above all, from Mercurey, the ambition of L. Tramier & Fils is to offer a remarkable diversity throughout Burgundy, in abundance even to the Beaujolais or the Côtes-du-Rhône, which is the heritage of its founder with his own origins in the Rhône region.

Today this collection is the result of many tastings by a team which seeks to show their exciting discoveries, always with the same simple criteria for selection : wines that offer an experience, a pleasure even a privilege to share, wines that show a clear identity and a singular character.

A profession, a passion over time

1842 : Maison Tramier’s creation

Born in Joncquières, in the South of France, Louis Tramier is in charge of freight transport on Rhône and Saône rivers. His job brings him in Burgundy, near Chalon-sur-Saône. With the rise of the railroad, competitor of river transport, Louis changes job and buys cellars and vineyards in Mercurey and L. Tramier & Fils winery is born.

*photo: act of purchase of cellars

1890 : Purchase of Mercurey Chateau Mi-Pont vineyard

Louis 2, the founder’s son, continues development by buying vines like Mercurey Chateau Mi-Pont. By marrying Marie Magny, restaurateur’s daughter of a popular literary café in Paris under the Second Empire, Louis has the opportunity to sell his wines in several palaces and famous restaurants in Paris and Biarritz. At the beginning of the 20th century, Tramier wines are available in Belgium, UK and the Netherlands.

*photo: Chateau Mi-Pont vineyard

1939 : Tramier wines worldwine

Louis 3 and his brother Henri join the Tramier winery. But Louis dies during the first world war. Henri, alone, develop the business in the US. After the second world war, Tramier & fils lost many customers and the following years become difficult.

*photo: Wine Menu -International exhibition New York 1939

Sixties : Rebirth after the crisis

Jean Dufouleur, bound by marriage to Tramier family, takes the lead of Tramier. Heir to an ancient line of merchant wine-growers in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Jean finds new customers in France and offers a new revival to Tramier!

*photo: Jean dufouleur, CEO until 2014

2002 : Buying new warehouse in Mercurey
4000 m2 air-conditioned for wine aging and logistics

Henri’s great grandson, Laurent Dufouleur joins his father in 2002.

*photo: Jean and Laurent dufouleur

Today : Laurent takes the management of the family Winery

Laurent works to promote with passion and progress the Tramier wines in France and abroad

*photo: Laurent Dufouleur

Knowledge in constant evolution

With its arrangement of the latest tools for wine aging as for its bottling, L. Tramier & Fils highlights an exceptional knowledge, transmitted over more than 175 years, from generation to generation. The vaulted cellars, cut into the  Mercurey rocks in 1830, provide here the conditions for the ideal temperature for optimal aging while the latest technological equipment guarantees the rigorous conservation of the quality of each wine.


So, that is truly the obsession of the team : answer all the wishes, listen to and even anticipate the needs and transport the curious towards the group of ‘climats’ which make up a region of which even the smallest vineyard is known , from Bourgogne Pinot Noir all the way to the Grands Crus.

Tramier Collection

The names of Tramier and Dufouleur, Burgundian families associated for many decades, find under the Collection Tramier banner all the projects they have been able to create and develop together.

Thanks to them, three strong entities were born and gradually claimed to be a must in their business :

Our commitments for a future more environmentally friendly

We commit ourselves by using of :

  • lighter bottles (mostly whose weight is less than 500 gr)
  • new cartons made of 99.9 % of recycled paper
  • cork stoppers mostly from FSC forests, preferred to synthetic stoppers or screw caps. This contributes to maintain and take care of cork oaks forests.

And also, with the emphasis on :

  • group orders, which decrease our wines’ costs of transport, so as to reduce our carbon impact on the planet.

Tramier Collection takes advantage of Laurent Dufouleur’s vision, his President, who has known how to continue a familial tradition to which he brings freshness and innovation. He is accompanied by Bérengère, his wife, enthusiastic collaborators as well as a group of partners working across the globe.

Concerned with understanding his customers and their needs, as well as remaining attentive to communication, Laurent Dufouleur never stops to consider Tramier Collection as part of a quest for the best quality, in order to affirm an essential identity for his brand, built on unchanging foundations of expertise, and definitely in harmony with the present era.