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A Burgundy domaine
recognised since 1842

Merchant wine-growers since 1842, established in Mercurey, the experts from L. Tramier & Fils aim to offer carefully selected wines that present quality and value for money as well as a strong sense of identity. L. Tramier & Fils is continually building a careful selection which allows them to offer a very large range of Burgundy wines.

An exceptional

In a spirit of open-mindedness and because Louis Tramier himself originated from the Rhône Valley, L. Tramier & Fils in Mercurey has continued to grow ever  since, which exceeds even the boundaries of Burgundy, going across to the Beaujolais and Rhône territories, maintaining a solid foundation of expertise and know-how.

L. Tramier & Fils since 1842 connects a history of family and of handing down of the pleasure of a ceaseless and renewed curiosity and a knowledge in constant evolution.

A history of family and sucession

Abundant in modern  equipment with a winery and latest generation storage facilities, from the latest standards in bottling machinery to the magnificent cellars cut into the rocks in 1830, L. Tramier has, without doubt, become an essentialreference in Burgundy for those who look for wines to simply enjoy, certain in benefiting from a selection of remarkable quality.

of quality

Our wines

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